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Why Sponsor a Grassroots Team?

Sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to support your local community whilst benefiting your business. Any size business will benefit from good publicity and sponsoring a local team is a great way to draw positive attention to your business, whilst also supporting the local community. Support them, they support you!

All major sports teams are sponsored by huge brands and businesses, so you might be thinking that because you aren’t the size of Vodafone or Nike that you won’t benefit from sponsoring a sports team. We are here to show you how you can make sponsorship work for your business with Gift of Kit.

The Benefits

Why Gift of Kit?

Gift of Kit makes it easy for businesses like yours to access the unrivalled power of grassroots sport. 

Through our sponsorship model we identify an opportunity in sport which aligns with your brand values and design a sponsorship campaign to guarantee you long lasting results. 

We find sports teams and clubs in the area you want and you choose which teams to sponsor. 

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Sponsorship Delivered

Sponsorship To Suit Every Business

All major sports teams are sponsored by huge brands and businesses, so you might be thinking that because you aren’t the size of Vodafone or Nike that you won’t benefit from sponsoring a sports team. Well we are here to show you how you can make sponsorship work in your local area!.


Creating Better Sponsorships

Gift of Kit is the preferred sponsorship method for big names brands such as Deliveroo and Sky Sports, growing brands such as Squire Locks and FourFive, as well as many SME’s and local businesses like your local high street estate agent.

With over 28,000 teams across the UK, we’ve helped deliver over £3.3m of sponsored kits to clubs, and can help you take the first step on your journey.

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How it works

  • You tell us your budget and how many teams you would like sponsor and the your customer demographic.
  • We design a sponsorship campaign to align with your brand and vision.
  • We will recruit a range of teams for you to choose from
  • We take care of kit ordering and delivery, ensuring your company branding is applied to all kit.
  • We introduce you to the clubs and help you activate your new sponsorships

Sponsorship Packages

We have a sponsorship package and solution for every size of business. Whether you are a local business looking to connect with clubs in your area or a national brand wanting to create a legacy in sport, we will create a bespoke campaign for you.

What Are The Costs?

Sponsorsing grassroots sport through Gift of Kit typically costs as little as £300 per team, depending on the sport, age and the type of kit they will need. 

For comparison, a outdoor bus stop poster will cost you between £200 and £300 per week vs sponsoring a grassroots team which can cost as little as £350 for a whole season.


Case Study

Junior Football aged 6-16

We designed a bespoke campaign for HelloFresh, targeting a key audience – parents and families. 

We identified youth football teams aged 12-16 as the strongest demographic. We carried out a period market research to understand area’s of the UK who are most likely to use a recipe box delivery service, before recommending some target locations for the campaign.

HelloFresh made a commitment to support 70 teams and we recieved over 250 applications from teams willing to promote HelloFresh and drive sales from their members in exchange for sponsored match kits. 


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Sponsorship FAQ’s

It makes sense that if you are a local business, you’d sponsor a local sports team (not a team 300 miles away!) For larger national businesses this is slightly different. Gift of Kit will identify the demographic and catchment area that best aligns with your brand and recommend a sponsorship programme which is bespoke to your business.

No! Gift of Kit has an ever growing network of over 28,500 teams in the UK. We will run a campaign to gather applications from teams who agree to meet your requirements, you get to decide which teams to support.

Absolutely! A major benefit of sponsoring through Gift of Kit is the ability to choose the best teams from a pool of applications. We will provide information on all the teams that have applied for your sponsorship and you can decide which teams you want to partner with.

We have a sponsorship solution to suit most budgets, with packages starting at £1499 for a season long, multi-team, local sponsorship campaign.

We will review your brand, customer profile and the opportunities in your locally, regional or nationally and recommend a budget that will produce last results.

In many cases we can work with your cost per acquisition to make your sponsorship campaign pay for itself. For example, if you are a local car dealer and you value each test drive at £50, we will ask teams to book and attend 6 test drives in order to receive a set of sponsored training kit worth £300. This model is pay-as-go and risk free for your business. 

For businesses with a smaller cost per acquisition or affiliate commission models we may recommend your budget is a split of CPA and marketing or CSR budget. In most cases the incremental sales revenue generated from your sponsorship activities can be repay your marketing budget contribution, and much more!

If you are a larger brands who wants to harness the power of grassroots without needing a guaranteed business result we can work with your marketing budget to create a bespoke "legacy" campaign that ensures your brand is seen to support and understand the needs of the grassroots sporting communities. 

It is unlikely that your business will be too small to access the benefits of sponsoring local sports teams. If you have a year marketing budget of £1500 or more then we can create a sponsorship programme that will deliver you more impact, more visibility, more leads and more community engagement than other marketing/advertising methods you may be used to.

We will help advise you on some ways to could activate your sponsorship with each club and if required we can assist in the delivery of the activation plan. For local businesses this can be as simple as flyer drops on match days and busy training sessions. Sponsored clubs will often invite sponsors to have a display stand at events and attend in person, both great opportunities for networking.

When we have arranged your sponsorship and delivered your branded kit, we will help you arrange a presentation opportunity with each club - this is a great chance to meet the teams and get some photographs for your website and social media. 

For regional or national sponsorship campaigns activation will happen slightly differently. It's more likely that teams will have agreed to meet certain obligations such as promoting your offers to their members, in which we will take care of this for you. We will also drive lead generation through a dedicated microsite with the Gift of Kit platform.

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