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Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is a British company with over 3 million customers making it the UK’s 5th biggest energy company. It is one of the best backed, best run companies in the sector.

The UK’s Most Awarded Energy Company

Octopus Energy is the only energy supplier ever awarded Which? “Recommended Provider” four years running.

Their commitment to providing awesome customer service has earned them the title of “The UK’s Most Awarded Energy Company”.

Free Kit For Your Team

Clubs are now able to earn premium sponsored kit when their members, players, families and supporters switch their home energy supply to Octopus Energy.

  • Kit credits for every switch to Octopus Energy
  • Each switch earns 100 kit credits
  • 2 switches earns 16 x Puma shirts
  • 5 switches earns full Puma kit x 16

2 switches = 16 PUMA Match Shirts

This scheme is closed for now. If would like to be kept in the loop then please register with us and we will get in touch when it reopens.