Octopus Energy Knowledge Base

Octopus Energy Scheme

What is the Sponsorship Alliance?

This is a free service to facilitate investment into grassroots and add to the £3m of kit and equipment we have provided to grassroots sports clubs.

The Sponsorship Alliance is a great way to tell us about your club and the types of kit programmes you would potentially take part in so we can then match your club to a kit programme.

We have more kit programmes launching soon and by joining the Sponsorship Alliance your club will hear about them first.

How does my club sign up?

To take part in our sponsored kit programmes your club must be a member of our Sponsorship Alliance. You can use the register button at the bottom of this page to join.

Is my club eligible?

If you are a football club in the UK that is not professional and located within 20 miles of Octopus Energy’s Brighton office (insert Postcode), then we want you to sign up.

If your club is not based in this area then we would still like you to join the Sponsorship Alliance so we can match you to future programmes.

Why is this limited to the Brighton Area?

Octopus Energy share our vision for grassroots and it is important that we get this programme right for clubs, Octopus Energy and Gift of Kit.
We are beginning with the programme in a single region so we can take important learnings and onboard feedback from clubs before expanding the programme into other areas of the UK.

How are clubs selected?

Each week we will randomly select 50 clubs to take part. Clubs not selected will automatically enter the draw in the following week.

What happens if our club is chosen?

You will receive an email with your club’s unique referral link, your members must use this link to switch.
You will also be able to download a toolkit to help you promote the offer to your members.

What happens if our club is not chosen?

If you club is not chosen this time don’t worry, as a member of the Sponsorship Alliance you will be one of the first to know when we roll out the scheme.

How much kit will we earn?

If your members switch to Octopus you will earn kit points to spend in the kit store.
The more members that switch, the more kit your club can earn.
There is no limit on how much kit you can earn through this programme.

How many kit points do we earn for each switch?

You will receive 100 kit points for each member that switches using your club’s unique referral link.

When will my points be available to spend?

Each time a switch is complete the corresponding points will be added to your club’s account. The switching process can take 14-28 days depending on your existing energy provider.

What will my kit look like?

You will be able to choose a colour to suit your club, each shirt will have the Octopus logo on the front and Octopus logo across the shoulders with numbers below.
There are 8 colour ways to choose from.

What happens if my kit is out of stock?

In the rare instance that your kit is out of stock you will be contacted by PUMA teamwear to discuss your options. GK shirts will be sent in a colour that is in stock, for example you may select a Green GK shirt and it is out of stock, so we will send you an Orange GK shirt.

Switching To Octopus Energy

How do our members switch to Octopus Energy with Gift of Kit?

Step 1: Click on your club’s unique link and get a quote

You’ll need to get a quote so Octopus Energy can give you our best prices, and let you know roughly how much you’d need to pay per month based on how much energy you tell us you typically use. Click on your club’s unique link which will take you to the Octopus Energy site, then enter your details to get a quote.

Step 2: Sign up

Once you’ve got a quote, you’ll be able to continue through Octopus Energy’s site to sign up. Octopus Energy just needs a few important details to finish setting up your account. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. That’s it! They’ll do the rest.

Once you’ve signed up, it generally takes 17 days to get you fully switched over. But your job’s done — Octopus Energy will handle everything from there on in, including telling your old supplier, and they’ll keep you updated along the way. After that, Octopus Energy will officially be your energy supplier.

Check out the Octopus Energy blog for a full breakdown of how to switch to Octopus.

How long will my switch take?

Octopus Energy have worked hard to make the switching process as quick and painless as it can be. We will usually switch you over within 17 days of you signing up and they are covered by the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Unfortunately, this can’t be cut down any more as Octopus Energy have to get things in order with your old supplier – like collecting and processing your meter details – which isn’t always an instantaneous affair. But the good news is, they will handle everything and send you regular updates on the progress of your switch.

I’ve switched but my club has not received the 100 points yet.

When you switch using your clubs specific link the 100 points won’t appear automatically, rather they’ll be added to the club’s total after you’ve passed your 14 day cooling off period.

Do I need to contact my current supplier?

No need! Octopus Energy will liaise directly with your old supplier to let them know about your switch.
In a few weeks’ time, Octopus Energy will ask you for meter readings. They will use these to agree on an exact point at which they will start billing you for your energy, and your old supplier will stop (so you’re never paying for the same energy twice). Your old supplier will then send out your final bill to close your account (or let you have any credit back) — sometimes this process can take up to 6 weeks.

The one thing Octopus Energy can’t do is cancel your old Direct Debit — that’s between your bank and your old supplier — but we do recommend you organise this as soon as you’ve settled up your final bill with them to make sure no further payments are taken.

Should I cancel my old supplier's Direct Debit?

Although you’ll never have to pay twice for the energy you use (any overpayments are always refunded), you could find yourself with two active Direct Debits until your old supplier closes your account.

To avoid this you could cancel your old supplier’s Direct Debit. This does mean that any closing credits or debits have to be made another way – by cheque, for example – so it’s worth thinking about the impact of the cancellation before deciding to do it.

When will my first Direct Debit go out?

Octopus Energy will take your first Direct Debit on the date we start supplying your energy, and every month on the day you’ve asked us to. Since your annual usage is estimated at the beginning, having some opening credit can smooth any wobbles in your consumption.

Will I be charged cancellation fees?

Some suppliers will charge you an exit fee for leaving your contract early but an important note on this — if you apply to leave your old supplier within 49 days of the end of your contract, they are not allowed to charge you any exit fees. You can see a more detailed explanation on the energy regulator OFGEM’s website.

The bit you need to know is highlighted below:

“Suppliers will be required to notify customers that their current fixed-term is coming to an end between 42 and 49 days before the contract ends. Between this notification period and the end of the fixed term contract, suppliers will be banned from charging a termination fee should the customer decide to switch.”

If you do think you’re still liable for an exit fee, then let us know — you can defer your switch to us by up to a month — just drop Octopus Energy a line to hello@octopus.energy

Why do you take an initial payment when my supply starts?

Octopus Energy take this first payment to make sure your account opens in credit. It acts as a bit of a buffer so that if you’re using more energy than we expect, your account won’t fall into debt early on, keeping your monthly expenses stable.

Why don't you offer online, dual fuel, or Direct Debit discounts?

Because Octopus Energy believes in simplicity and fairness. They keep things simple by doing everything online and by Direct Debit, which allows them to pass on savings to you that they build into all their tariffs.
Octopus Energy keeps things fair by giving the best prices to everyone, not just dual fuel customers. Octopus Energy don’t think it’s right to penalise single fuel households, or to force customers to take both gas and electricity from us for the best price.