Women’s sports and sponsorships: Are the UK population more likely to buy from brands that support women’s sports?

With the Lionesses doing so well in the last Women’s Football world cup, it’s only right that we give women’s sport the recognition that it deserves. But, with all the success that the Lionesses have had in recent years, are bigger brands sponsoring them? And what impact does this have on their business? This International Women’s Day, we are going to take a deep dive into whether or not the UK population are more likely to purchase from brands that sponsor women’s sport. Let’s get into it!

Pioneering Partnerships

Following the success of the Lionesses in the 2022 UEFA European Championships, watched by 50 million people worldwide, a lot of the team have already accepted sponsorship deals with major brands including Nike and Pepsi. And these partnerships extend into social media too, with a Betting.com study estimating that the Lionesses’ superstars could achieve up to £1,500 for a single sponsored Instagram post. But with the success of women’s sport continuing, an increasing number of companies are looking into longer-term partnerships with women’s teams, rather than the short term wins following the Euros.

Female sport now a key part of sponsorship mix

These partnerships have not only positively impacted the players, but also the businesses and the sports too. New research from the Women’s Sport Trust has uncovered that 24.5 million adults are now aware of a women’s sport sponsorship deal in the UK.


The study has also shown that a huge 60% of the UK population believe that sponsors should equally support the men’s and women’s side of a sport, and almost a third of the UK think higher of brands that support women’s sport. 


In addition to this, 16% of the UK population are more likely to buy from a brand that sponsors women’s sport teams, in comparison to only 13% that sponsor a men’s sport. All of this research shows that sponsoring female sports teams should be a top priority for businesses who want to sell their products and services to a broader audience. 

Why are the UK population more likely to buy from brands that support women’s sports?

Now that we know that a relatively large percentage of the population are more likely to purchase from companies that sponsor women’s sport, you might be questioning why this is the case.


Promoting equality is a huge factor in this. Gender equality is a huge issue across the UK and the world, and sport is no different. On average, male footballers make 40 x more money than their female counterparts. With this being the case, it is no wonder that brands that promote equality in sports have a positive public opinion. 


Having a focus on addressing the inequality in the opportunities given to women and girls in grassroots sports was considered the most impactful factor for the brands achieving a positive public opinion. Promoting women’s grassroots sport proved important in the Women’s Sports Trust survey, with two in five people wanting to see more brands engaging in sponsorship of women’s sports at a community level.

Do the brands have to be female-focussed?

Women’s only deals are popular because of their unique ability to attract new audiences. However, while women’s-only deals, such as make-up brand Il Makiage’s partnership with Arsenal Women, are receiving positive brand opinions – it is not only female-focused brands and products that are reaping the benefits of sponsoring women’s sport. For example, O2’s partnership with England women’s rugby union team, the Red Roses, has achieved significant awareness, with 14.6 million people in the UK aware of it

How can my company support female sports? 

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