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The Brand Ambassador You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the dynamic ecosystem of sports marketing, the allure of elite events often casts a long shadow over grassroots initiatives. Yet, there’s a seismic shift happening, with brands increasingly being driven by ‘brand purpose.’ This has started to realign focus towards avenues that have direct, measurable impact on communities. Grassroots sports are gradually becoming more than just a footnote in this transformation. But the unsung hero of this narrative? The coach.


A 2007 Study highlighted the essential role of coaches in increasing sport participation, emphasising their unique position to provide “environments crucial for engagement” And our recent surveys resonate with these findings. An overwhelming percentage of respondents acknowledged the positive role coaches play in their communities—right from instilling enjoyment and encouragement to lifelong involvement in sports.


Coaches in grassroots sports wear many hats. They are organisers, strategists, mentors, and community leaders. In sponsorship terms, they serve as informal, yet incredibly effective, brand ambassadors. The reason is simple. Coaches are often community heroes who are looked up to and listened to. When a brand aligns with a coach—through sponsorship initiatives like our recent projects with Starling Bank and Just Eat, the positive impact reverberates far beyond the grassroots sponsorship model of old. 


And let’s not forget the athletes at the grassroots level, for whom early experiences can become life-defining moments. Coaches play a pivotal role in creating these experiences. According to a study by the UK Coaching (formerly the National Coaching Foundation, the emphasis placed by coaches on enjoyment, social support, and personal development has a direct correlation with sports participation rates. An investment in these coaches is, by extension, an investment in nurturing future talent and fostering community well-being. The ripple effect is enormous. Brands not only gain loyal patrons but also carve out a legacy in the communities they aim to serve.


As purpose begins to steer brand strategies, let’s not forget the significant role these coaches play. Their capacity to influence community well-being should not be an add-on to your brand’s strategy; it should be a central pillar. In a marketing landscape where community engagement and emotional connections are becoming the new currency, investments in grassroots coaching offer not just an opportunity but an untapped wellspring of shared values and meaningful impact.


So, to marketers, brand managers, and strategy directors, as you navigate the evolving landscape of brand purpose, recognise that your most impactful plays may not necessarily be under the glaring lights of elite sport. Sometimes, they unfold in the warmth of community playing fields, orchestrated by local heroes—the grassroots coaches.

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