Using social media for sports sponsorship success

Social media campaigns are a fantastic tool for gaining and managing sponsorships in sports. We’ve spoken in the past about how to get your team started with social media, but what about how to use it to generate and maintain relationships with sponsors? 

In this article, we will explore how to use social media effectively for gaining and keeping sponsors and share the benefits of using social media in your sponsorship campaigns. Let’s jump into it!

How can you use social media to boost sponsorship?

We live in the digital age. Because of this, social media is an extremely useful tool, not just in sports but across the board, to gain and maintain relationships with sponsors. But what exactly can you do to use it to its full potential? There are two different ways you can use social media for sponsorships: to boost club awareness, attract new sponsors, and to nurture and grow your relationship with your sponsor. Unsure how to achieve any of this? We’re here to help!

Use social media to boost awareness of your club

The number one reason that businesses use social media is to improve their brand awareness, and it can be exactly the same for your grassroots club! There are 56.2 million social media users in the United Kingdom, and so a single post has the potential to be seen by hundreds of thousands, even millions of people! By improving awareness of your club through social media channels, you are more likely to attract the attention of a potential sponsor. And spreading team awareness is easier than you may think. Make sure to look at your goals for social media, and your resources to choose which platform suits your team best. There are loads to choose from:

Once you have decided on the best platforms for you, encourage your players and coaches to follow your club’s profile, and ask if anyone would be interested in creating some content. Depending on the chosen platform(s), this could be images, videos or graphics! 

Ask your players, coaches and community to like, comment and share every post to generate more engagement, and make sure you follow other clubs, local businesses and corporate giants on there too… you might just get some follows back!

Nurture and grow existing sponsor relationships

In addition to attracting new sponsors, another great reason for your team having social media is that you can use it to maintain your existing sponsor relationships. Making sure to keep strong relationships with existing sponsors and grow them further is vital for long-term success. Here are some effective strategies to achieve this using social media:

  • Regular communication: Regularly engage with your sponsors on social media platforms to ensure that they feel looped in and like part of the team. This could involve responding to their comments on your posts, regular messaging, commenting on relevant posts of theirs, and mentioning them in your posts, as well as proactively reaching out to share updates, express gratitude, or ask for feedback.
  • Providing exposure through branded content: Integrate your sponsor’s branding and messaging into your social media content to grow their audience. Create engaging posts, videos, or stories that feature your sponsor’s products, services, or promotions in an authentic way. This not only provides exposure to your sponsor but also adds value to your audience by offering relevant and engaging content.
  • Demonstrating partnership impact: Use social media to showcase the results and impact of your partnership with sponsors. Share content that demonstrates how their support has contributed to your team’s success and increased awareness. This helps reinforce the value of their investment and encourages continued support.

By implementing these strategies, you can use social media to nurture and strengthen your relationships with existing sponsors.

What are the benefits for teams of using social media in your sponsorship campaigns?

On top of increased awareness, there are a number of other benefits that using social media for sponsorship campaigns can have for teams:

  • Enhanced engagement: Social media allows direct interaction with fans, sponsors, and the community. Teams can engage with their audience through comments, messages, and live streams, creating a sense of loyalty.
  • More sponsorship opportunities: An active social media presence can make teams more attractive to potential sponsors. Sponsors are often looking for opportunities to work with teams that have a strong online presence and engaged fan base, increasing the likelihood of securing deals.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional marketing channels, social media sponsorship campaigns can be more cost-effective. Teams can reach a large audience with relatively low costs, making it an attractive option for grassroots organisations with limited budgets.

What are the benefits for sponsors of using social media in your sponsorship campaigns?

And it’s not just teams that can benefit from the use of social media in their sponsorship campaigns. There are definitely positive outcomes for sponsors as well. For example: 

  • Improved brand awareness: By sponsoring a grassroots team and engaging in a social media sponsorship campaign, brands can reach a greater audience of potential customers that they weren’t visible to previously.
  • Increased lead generation: The main objective for sponsors is to grow their customer base. Social media platforms provide a number of different opportunities for companies to do this.
  • More sales: On top of increased leads, social media sponsorship can also help companies to grow their sales.

As a team, you can use these examples to demonstrate social media ROI to your sponsors in order to achieve signoff on your social media sponsorship campaigns.

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