Grassroots sport is facilitated by an army of over 6 million volunteers who work behind the scenes so we can keep playing the sport we love.

From coaching, refereeing, running the line, marking the pitches, cleaning the clubhouse, serving behind the bar, washing the kit and much, much more.

Without these heroes, grassroots wouldn’t exist.

Harley Plumb, Eynesbury Rovers FC, Grassroots Hero!

We are delighted to name Harley Plumb as a grassroots hero! Aged 10, he is our youngest hero so far!

Harley is the young son of the Eynesbury Rovers Chairman and loves to help his Dad to keep the club going forward.

He has taken responsibility for the first team kit ensuring it is washed, hung up and ready for match days. He even turns up 3 times a week to ensure the changing rooms are cleaned.

Bright spark Harley, has also set up a side business for the first team players to have their boots cleaned.

Sadly, Harley was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2020 and has fought so hard and shown unimaginable bravery to get back to doing what he loves!

Harley, we are proud of your courage, determination selflessness, as I am sure your whole club are! Keep up the good work!

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