Goals Beyond the Game: The History of Gift of Kit

From a chat between two friends and former colleagues, to the reality of Gift of Kit, our tale is one of ambition meeting action. Rob and Jon envisioned a future where grassroots clubs get the support they truly deserve. Our story isn’t just about kits; it’s about a shared passion and a dream. When Rob and Jon first discussed Gift of Kit, it was all about giving back to grassroots clubs – the heart and soul of all sports. Fast forward nine years, and while a lot has changed, that core mission remains.

Let’s dive into our story and relive those special moments that have shaped us.

Back in 2014, a duo named Rob and Jon had a dream: To make the grass greener for every grassroots club. They merged their collective talents, and Gift of Kit was born. By the end of the year, we had a brand new HQ and our inaugural website was live and kicking.

“Rob and I always believed in grassroots’ magic. From our first collaboration with Sky Sports to our current partnerships, we’re proud to have backed over 6,000 teams in their sporting journeys.”

2015 was a memorable year for us and many clubs. Our first major signing was confirmed – Sky Sports! Teams had a fantastic chance to bag free kits and equipment just by returning unused Sky gear.

2016 was about playing bigger. Partnering with the People’s Postcode Lottery, we directed over half a million pounds straight into grassroots activities. That same year, we welcomed Mary to the boardroom and Jessica to our growing lineup.

2017 turned the spotlight on local football and cricket clubs. With a significant tie-up with Kia Motors, teams around the country sported brand-new kits, all the while giving their local Kia franchises a foot-up with increased test drives.

Fast forward to 2018, we rolled up our sleeves, brushed up on our tactics, and covered serious metres to talk to big marketing agencies about the potential nestled within grassroots.

2019 was a big one! A mammoth partnership with Deliveroo saw an infusion of £1.2m in kit sponsorships benefiting over 2,200 teams. Plus, Ben and Jack added their energy to the GoK family.

“Thank you for everything you do for clubs like ours”
Chairman, Balls2Cancer FC

The challenges of 2020, due to the pandemic, didn’t deter us. Advocacy for grassroots became more vital than ever, and when asked to provide evidence to the government on the impact of grassroot, we duly delivered. By year-end, 200 more teams were geared up with Deliveroo-sponsored kits.

2021 saw us add recipe box giants, HelloFresh, into the mix. Catering to junior teams nationwide. We also powered on with new partner Octopus Energy, ensuring teams across the UK sported the freshest of kits. And, Andy became the newest member of our crew!

Think of 2022 as our ‘Invincibles’ year. First came the collaboration with Just Eat around the UEFA Women’s Euros, culminating in 101 new female grassroots teams. Then, a grand finale with Starling Bank, a defining moment for grassroots football with the biggest commitment to the female grassroots game we’ve ever seen.

From helping to shape the strategy to building a bespoke digital platform and delivering the kits, they exceeded our expectations. Gift of Kit is an indispensable partner in any grassroots initiative. Alex Nixon, Dark Horses.

2023 has so far seen us Kick On with Starling Bank and the iconic Jill Scott to kit out 350+ teams. Collaborations with Kitlocker and Squire Locks, and a transformative tie-up with easyfundraising and Kaydie joining our team, marked other highlights, but the year isn’t finished yet, so don’t look away…

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