Fundraising Triumphs: Real Stories from Clubs Like Yours!

In the world of grassroots sports, every penny counts. That’s why we’re excited to share these inspiring tales from clubs that have turned their online shopping into a powerful source of cash through our partnership with fundraising platform, easyfundraising.


💡 Finchley Women’s Football Club’s Success

Coach Tanya Minsky’s Experience

Finchley Women’s Football Club’s journey with easyfundraising began through a simple word-of-mouth recommendation. Coach Tanya Minsky describes it as a “no-brainer” for seamlessly bringing in extra funds each month. The impact? Keeping membership costs down, ensuring women from diverse backgrounds can afford to participate in the club’s activities. Tanya emphasises how easyfundraising makes fundraising as effortless as a click of a button, transforming the club’s financial landscape.


🏐 Poole Netball Club’s Hassle-Free Fundraising

Coach Hayley’s Insights

At Poole Netball Club, Coach Hayley highlights the simplicity and hassle-free nature of easyfundraising. With a significant portion of the club membership registered, it adds a substantial amount to their annual fundraising pot without any additional effort. Hayley’s experience underscores the platform’s effectiveness, making it a highly recommended tool for organisations keen on raising additional funds effortlessly.


🌟 Ambleside Youth FC’s Remarkable Growth

Coach Mark Nortons Story

Ambleside Youth FC’s Coach, Mark Norton, applauds easyfundraising for facilitating the club’s impressive growth from one team to two in just six months. The extra funds obtained, totalling close to £600, have proven invaluable for day-to-day purchases. Mark shares how turning every online shopping opportunity into a fundraising win has been a game-changer for the club.


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easyfundraising, the trusted choice for over 25,000 community sports clubs, is your ticket to financial stability without added costs. It’s the essential solution to secure extra income for your club, leveraging everyday online purchases into a steady stream of funds.

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