Our Partnership with easyfundraising

Grassroots sports have always been at the heart of our communities, nurturing talents, fostering friendships, and promoting physical well-being. Yet, financial challenges frequently overshadow the bright potential of grassroots clubs. This is where Gift of Kit’s mission has always been directed – to make a tangible impact and help these community heroes thrive. And today, we’re announcing that our family is growing; we’re partnering with easyfundraising to further bolster the grassroots community’s financial well-being.


Grassroots club members have always been the backbone of their teams, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to chipping in wherever necessary for the benefit of their club. Now, with easyfundraising, they have an effortless way to amplify their support. By simply incorporating easyfundraising into their routine shopping habits, members can generate hundreds of pounds in free funding for their clubs, transforming everyday purchases into meaningful contributions.


Easyfundraising is not just another fundraising tool – it’s a powerful ally for every club, designed to streamline the process of raising funds without the added stress. 


Here’s how it works: When players, supporters, and members shop online through the Easyfundraising platform, a percentage of their spend is donated back to their chosen grassroots club. The beauty of this model is its effortlessness; clubs can raise thousands in extra income, all thanks to the day-to-day online shopping habits of their community.


In our rapidly evolving digital age, where online shopping is increasingly becoming second nature, it’s the perfect time for clubs to leverage this model. The rewards are two-fold. Not only do clubs get a financial boost, but supporters also feel a sense of contribution every time they shop, strengthening the community bond.


Partnering with Easyfundraising perfectly aligns with our commitment to ensuring grassroots sports clubs have the resources, support, and tools they need to flourish. This partnership also underscores the essence of modern marketing – combining innovation with core values, to create meaningful and sustainable change.


We encourage all grassroots clubs to explore and embrace Easyfundraising. It’s an opportunity to tap into a reservoir of funds that’s waiting to be unlocked, and a chance to reward clubs for the little things we all do.


Clubs and teams can start fundraising by joining here: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/giftofkit

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