The cost of sponsoring a grassroots sports team

Grassroots sports teams are the heart and soul of the sports community. From local football clubs to amateur rugby teams, they provide a nurturing ground for young talent and foster a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts of all ages. Sponsoring a grassroots sports team has become increasingly popular amongst businesses over the past few years, however, funding and resources often remain a significant hurdle for these teams to survive and thrive. 

In this blog, we will delve into the real cost of sponsoring a grassroots sports team in the UK, shedding light on the different types of sponsorship investment, financial commitments and the substantial impact such support can have on the local sporting landscape. 


Initial Investment

Sponsoring a grassroots team can cost as much or as little as you are willing to pay. What we mean by this is that you can decide what costs you are willing to cover and what you’re not.

Sponsoring a grassroots sports team begins with an initial investment that covers a range of expenses. One of the primary costs is the team’s equipment, including match kit, training gear, and necessary equipment. Depending on the sport and the size of the team, this can vary significantly, but it typically constitutes a substantial portion of the sponsor’s initial outlay. 

According to, sponsors should expect to pay around £500-800 to cover the cost of a full team kit for two years. Larger clubs will often offer sponsorship positions on the kit, i.e. a sleeve position. This is usually more costly for the sponsor, ranging from £300 to £2000.



Marketing and Branding

Possibly the most obvious benefit of sponsoring a team is the branding opportunity. Sponsorship offers an impactful marketing opportunity for businesses. Companies that sponsor a grassroots sports team gain brand exposure through various channels, such as logos on team uniforms, banners at events, and social media shout-outs. However, this aspect of sponsorship may also require additional investment, especially if the team aims to expand its online presence and engage with a broader audience. 


Facility Rental

Access to proper training facilities is vital for a grassroots sports team’s development. Unfortunately, renting practice grounds, indoor spaces, or sports facilities can be quite expensive. Sponsorship funds can help cover these costs, providing the team with consistent and quality spaces to hone their skills. 

The cost of renting a facility can greatly vary depending on size, location and time hired for. For example, the average cost of hiring a pitch in London is £59 to £100 per match. The kind of facility needed for grassroots sports teams would tend to be toward the lower end of the scale.


Travel and Accommodation

If the grassroots sports team competes in leagues or tournaments outside their local area, travel and accommodation costs become a significant part of the overall budget. Sponsors can play a crucial role in helping teams travel to different locations, experience different competitions, and expand their network within the sports community.


Coaching and Development

Investing in coaching and player development is essential for a grassroots team to grow and progress. The cost of qualifying a new coach to FA Level 1 standard is £160. Qualified coaches and trainers often require remuneration, and their expertise can have a transformative impact on the team’s performance. Sponsorship support enables teams to hire skilled coaches and organise workshops, leading to overall improvement and a more competitive edge. The coach is the most significant influence within a team, its supporters and families. Aligning your brand with a club’s coaches is a great way to create brand ambassadors. 


Community Outreach and Engagement

Grassroots sports teams are deeply ingrained in their local communities. Sponsors can play a pivotal role in supporting community outreach programs initiated by the team, such as youth coaching camps, school partnerships, and charity events. These activities not only strengthen the team’s bond with the community but also provide valuable exposure for the sponsor. This type of sponsorship doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. Instead, the business can donate their time, resources or products in order to help with charity and community engagement.


How Gift of Kit can help?

Sponsoring a grassroots sports team in the UK entails a multifaceted commitment beyond just financial contributions. It requires an understanding of the team’s aspirations, the community it serves, and a willingness to invest in its development. The impact of sponsorship goes beyond the visible logos and banners; it creates a lasting impression on young athletes, instilling a sense of belonging, and fostering a passion for sports.

If you are interested in sponsoring some local sports teams near you, Gift of Kit can help. Through our sponsorship model, we identify opportunities in sport that align with your brand values and design a sponsorship campaign to guarantee you long lasting results. 

Sponsoring grassroots sport through Gift of Kit typically costs as little as £300 per team, depending on the sport, age and the type of kit they will need. 

We have helped to deliver over £4 million worth of sponsorship into grassroots, creating lasting connections between businesses and 6,000 teams, while showcasing their support to our network of 57,000 individual sports teams. 


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