How to build a long-lasting relationship with the club you sponsor

Sponsoring a grassroots team is much more than plastering your logo across their shirts and hanging billboards around their ground, it’s a way to make a meaningful impact on your local community. As with any business partnership, garnering a long-lasting relationship with the team that you sponsor is an important part of ensuring that you both make the most out of it. 

In this article, we are going to explore different strategies that you can employ in order to build a positive, long-lasting relationship that benefits each of you.

Understand the club’s values and goals

The way to initiate a positive relationship is through communicating and making sure you fully understand the club’s goals, values and what they are hoping to gain through this collaboration. If your values align, you are more likely to foster a long-lasting relationship than if you have very different principles.

As well as this, knowing their objectives will help you tailor your support to meet their specific requirements, whether it’s funding for equipment, facilities, or development programmes.

Be involved

Another way of nurturing a long-lasting relationship is by showing your commitment and becoming involved. Attending matches and events shows your dedication and enthusiasm for the sport and the community it represents. Turning up to these events not only allows you to witness firsthand the impact of your sponsorship, but also provides an opportunity to connect with players, coaches, and other staff members on a personal level.

Conversations with players and staff can offer insights into the club’s goals, challenges, and overall dynamics, which will help you to tailor your support to the specific needs of the team. Tailored support means that you aren’t wasting valuable money and resources, and both parties are able to gain more value from the partnership.

Support development programmes for underrepresented communities

Grassroots teams are often the opening for young people and underrepresented communities to get involved in sport. Providing youth development schemes or programmes that encourage women and individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds to get into sport will give your company the opportunity to make a real impact on the wider community. 

Consider sponsoring coaching clinics, scholarship schemes, or workshops that focus on both athletic and personal development to help encourage these underrepresented groups to get involved in the sport.

Provide value beyond financial support

We’ve spoken in the past about the cost of sponsoring a grassroots sports team, but what about offering something other than monetary support? For example, offering coaching development, beginner programmes and talent development mentoring can be an extremely beneficial contribution that doesn’t require financial support. 

The more value you bring beyond financial assistance, the more involved you will be in the club’s success, and – in return – the more beneficial it could be for your business.

Create a long-term plan

Building a long-lasting relationship requires a long-term plan. Rather than viewing the partnership as a quick, one-time deal, think of the sponsorship in terms of relationship development, and work with the club to create a plan that spans a few years, and involves frequent communication. This means that both parties will be on the same page if circumstances change, and it demonstrates your commitment to the club’s sustained growth.

How Gift of Kit can help

Gift of Kit is the bridge between brands and grassroots sport. We specialise in building initiatives that leave a lasting impression on grassroots clubs and ensure consumer engagement for your brand.  

Our approach enables brands to achieve positive results without exhausting their marketing resources and budget. If you’d like to discover how Gift of Kit can help your company foster a long-term sponsorship with a grassroots club, get in touch with us today!

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