7 of the Most Iconic Football Kits

We recently wrote about the Most Unusual Football Shirts we’ve ever seen, including some weird, some wonderful, and some downright ugly kits!

But today we’re going to take things in a different direction and look at some of our favourite classic designs. We know every football fan will have that one kit that left an impression; the one that you can’t stop thinking about. Read on to see if you’re favourites in our mix! And if it’s not? Leave us a comment or Tweet us you’re favourite kit!

1. Brazil 1970

Starting strong with a fan favourite, it’s the iconic gold and blue of Brazil’s home kit in 1970 World Cup kit. Voted the most iconic football shirt by BBC viewers in 2020, you can see how the design makes a statement.

Sporting classic Brazilian colours with flashes of green around the arms and neck, this retro classic is easily one of the most iconic designs in football. And to add to the legendary status, it was also the last shirt Pele wore before retiring from international football.

Image source

Brazil team in 1970

2. England 1966

Maybe this one just has sentimental value, but there’s no denying the timeless feel you get with the kit worn by the England team at their last World Cup win in 1966.

The classic red, long-sleeved shirt with the simple Three Lions across the chest will go down in history, perhaps because of it’s design, or perhaps because of the result. Your call.

Image source

England team in 1966

3. Nigeria 2018

Moving onto more modern designs, the Nigerian World Cup Kit of 2018 was so popular at its release, it sold out in a matter of days, with Nike reporting that they received over 3million pre- orders for the kit.

You can see why it became a quick viral sensation, with the stunning chevron pattern in a striking light-green across the chest. An instant classic, and one we’re sure will be remembered for years to come.

Image source 

Nigerian player in 2018 kit

4. Venezia 2021

You can’t make a list of amazing football kits without Venezia. Notorious for consistently creating beautiful designs, Venezia’s 2021 home kit feels more like it’s been created for the runway, rather than the pitch.

Departing from Nike and signing a new deal with Kappa, the brand’s debut with the club features a luxurious look inspired by Venetian details and iconography as they returned to Series A for the first time in 20 years.

Image source

Model in Venezia 2021 kit top

5. Holland 1988

Taking it back to a classic, and no, we’re not talking about Marco Van Basten’s sensational volley! Claiming their first trophy, Holland sported this gorgeous orange design in 1988, which has now gone down as one of the most sought after and collectable kits of all time!

Image source

2 Holland players in 1988 kit

6. Arsenal 1991

If you’ve ever heard of the iconic ‘bruised banana’ kit, then this is it. Arsenal and Adidas put their heads together to create one of the most memorable kits in football history.

Arsenal have brought this back in recent years, but nothing will beat the original black and yellow zig zags. As iconic now as it was then.

Image source

Arsenal players in 1991 kit

7. Mexico 2022

With the 2022 World Cup around the corner, we thought we should end on a design from the new championship; one we think will go down in the history books. Personally, we think Mexico has pulled it out the bag with their away kit for this season.

‘From our roots to our present’, and we can certainly see the inspiration. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but still somehow feeling classic and nostalgic, Adidas’ design for Mexico is a knockout.

Image source

Model sat down in Mexico 2022 kit top

Now, we know everyone’s list won’t be the same as ours. After all, football kits are a true art of their own, with their own heritage and history as the source of inspiration. There are kits you’ll have been brought up on, the first kit you owned, the kit your team was wearing when you saw them win their first game. Loving the design of your team (or another team’s) kit is something that you invest as much time in as the game itself!

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