LoveAdmin Knowledge Base

What is the Sponsorship Alliance?

This is a free service to facilitate investment into grassroots and add to the £3m of kit and equipment we have provided to grassroots sports clubs.

The Sponsorship Alliance is a great way to tell us about your club and the types of kit programmes you would potentially take part in so we can then match your club to a kit programme.

We have more kit programmes launching soon and by joining the Sponsorship Alliance your club will hear about them first.

How does my club sign up?

To take part in our sponsored kit programmes your club must be a member of our Sponsorship Alliance. You can use the register button at the bottom of this page to join.

Can my club join LoveAdmin?

If you are a sports club in the UK with at least 100 paying members then you are eligible to join the LoveAdmin GOK programme.

Can my club join the referral scheme?

Yes! This referral scheme is open to every club and is a great way to earn kit credit.

What happens after we apply?

Once you have completed the LoveAdmin application in your club dashboard, we will add you to the scheme and send you all the information by email. This information will explain the next steps.

When we will get some kit?

Your kit credit will be added to your Gift of Kit account once you have completed your set up on the LoveAdmin platform.

How much kit will we earn?

This depends on the size of your club and the set up deposit you agree with LoveAdmin. You can use the calculator here to see an estimate of how much credit you could earn.

What will my kit look like?

You are able to choose the design, colour and sizes of your chosen kit package.

What happens if my kit is out of stock?

In the instance that your kit is out of stock you will be contacted by the relevant supplier or Gift of Kit to discuss your options. GK shirts will be sent in a colour that is in stock, for example you may select a Green GK shirt and it is out of stock, so we will send you an Orange GK shirt.

About LoveAdmin

What is LoveAdmin?

LoveAdmin is a leading provider of club management software that helps save you time by automating your admin and making it easier to collect more money. And do it faster.

How will LoveAdmin benefit my club?

Our sports club management software gives you the right online tools to help you collect more money, cut down on admin and save more time.

Collect more money

Now you can get better visibility and control over who’s paid and who hasn’t.

Save admin time

Everything’s online and automated so you work less but get much more done, more quickly.

Save admin time

Everything’s online and automated so you work less but get much more done, more quickly.

Make it easy for members

Now your members can manage their data and make payments to you quicker and easier than ever before. And have the power to make changes whenever they need to.

How do I get started?

Once you have joined the scheme and told us you want to join LoveAdmin, we will pass your request over to the LoveAdmin expert team who will contact you.

If you decide to contact them yourself, please ensure to state that you are part of the Gift of Kit scheme so we can issue your kit credit.