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Is my team eligible?

If you are an amateur women or girls team based in the UK, it’s likely you are eligible to apply. 

You can view the full eligibility criteria here.

When does the application window close?

Applications for the programme will be open from 

When will the teams be chosen?

Teams will be chosen shortly after the application window closes. We’ll contact all applicants within one week of the draw. We may extend the application window if necessary.

When will the kit packages be delivered?

All kits will be delivered in December 2024.

What are the next steps if we're selected?

Shortly after the random draw, we’ll email the successful clubs with a kit voucher.

Plus, instructions on how to order a kit package.

How does Gift of Kit ensure a return on investment for my clients through sports sponsorships?

Gift of Kit goes beyond traditional sponsorships, offering a comprehensive approach that includes strategic team matching, customised sponsorship packages, and professional kit delivery – all at no cost to the sponsored teams. This approach not only enhances your clients’ community impact but also ensures a positive return on their sponsorship investment.

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