HelloFresh Knowledge Base

What is the Sponsorship Alliance?

This is a free service to facilitate investment into grassroots and add to the £3m of kit and equipment we have provided to grassroots sports clubs.

The Sponsorship Alliance is a great way to tell us about your club and the types of kit programmes you would potentially take part in so we can then match your club to a kit programme.

We have more kit programmes launching soon and by joining the Sponsorship Alliance your club will hear about them first.

How does my club sign up?

To take part in our sponsored kit programmes your club must be a member of our Sponsorship Alliance. You can use the register button at the bottom of this page to join.

Is my club eligible?

If you are a female football team aged 12-18 in the UK that is not professional then you are eligible and could be selected.

How are clubs selected?

We will review application and select the team’s we believe will benefit the most and generate the most participation in this scheme.

What happens if our club is chosen?

You will receive an email notifying you that your application has been successful.

What happens if our club is not chosen?

If you club is not chosen this time don’t worry, as a member of the Sponsorship Alliance you will be one of the first to know when we expand this scheme and when we launch other schemes.

How much kit will we earn?

HelloFresh will add 10 kit points to your account for every HelloFresh subscription purchased using your teams code.

What will my kit look like?

You will be able to choose a colour to suit your club, each shirt will have the HelloFresh logo on the front numbers on the back.
There are 12 colour ways to choose from.

What happens if my kit is out of stock?

In the rare instance that your kit is out of stock you will be contacted by PUMA teamwear or Gift of Kit to discuss your options. GK shirts will be sent in a colour that is in stock, for example you may select a Green GK shirt and it is out of stock, so we will send you an Orange GK shirt.

About HelloFresh

So, what is HelloFresh?

We’re a meal kit delivery service designed to make dinnertime quick, easy and delicious!

How do we do this? By delivering fresh, seasonal ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards right to your door, making it quick and easy for you to cook wholesome dinners the whole household will love.

You select your meals to create your perfect menu, and we’ll deliver the exact amounts of everything you need to make the meal. You’ll just need to have a few pantry staples on hand (don’t worry – it’s just basic things like salt, pepper and oil).

We run a flexible subscription, so there’s no scary lock-in terms or cancellation fees. And the best part? You can manage your account on the go via our free HelloFresh app. Just make sure any changes are made before our deadline, which is 11:59 PM five days prior to your delivery.

The HelloFresh App

That’s right, we have an app! Get inspired in the kitchen, manage your subscription, update your meal selection or follow the step-by-step guide to make cooking even easier!

You can download the iOS or andriod app via https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/app/

What's in the box?

In your box, you’ll receive step by step recipe cards, an insulated cool bag with ice packs containing all your meat and dairy products, and all the portioned out ingredients you need to easily create delicious dinners.

The only ingredients you need at home are some basic pantry items, which will be listed on the recipe card. You can also check which items you’ll need in advance when selecting your meals.

Can I have my deliveries every two or four weeks?

Of course you can! Get in touch with us and let our team know when you want your next order and how often you want your deliveries and we will amend your delivery schedule.

Can I see my meals and what's coming up?

Yes, of course. Click the icon below and log in:

Upcoming Meals

Once logged in, you will be able to see all the meals in your box type that have been posted so far. You can navigate between weeks using the arrows on both sides of the ‘My Weekly Menu’ page title.