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Sponsorship Strategy Guide

Securing sponsorships can be a daunting task, especially for grassroots sports clubs that often rely on volunteers for their operations.

We’ve developed a comprehensive sponsorship strategy and ready-made templates to give your sponsorship mission a head start. 🚀

Sponsorship proposal template

We used years of sports sponsorship experience to craft an easily to use free sponsorship proposal template to help you secure sponsorship for your team.

Customise it to your team and share with potential sponsors!

Sponsorship proposal letter

Adding to our proposal template, we’ve created a letter template to help teams secure sponsorship from local businesses. Use this letter on its own, or combine it with the proposal template for a tried and trusted method to securing more sponsorship.

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We’re granting fully funded access to the essential FA coaching courses – a trio of qualifications that lay the foundation for a successful coaching career.

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