Sponsored kit for grassroots sports teams

Courtesy of the worlds biggest brands

We provide grassroots teams with sponsored kit

Looking for a sponsor for your grassroots sports team in the UK? Gift of Kit exists to support grassroots sport and bring investment to clubs like yours.


So far, we have invested £4m into grassroots, helping over 6,000 teams to play, grow and evolve.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between grassroots sports clubs and businesses eager to support them, creating a win-win collaboration for all.


Individual clubs are rarely able to attract national brands. We have changed that by creating Gift of Kit, with an alliance of over 50,000 grassroots teams who have the attention of big name sponsors.

How does my club access free support?

  • Create profile

    Create a profile for your club or team. We'll use this information to match you to any free kit initiatives that your team may be eligible for.

  • Get matched

    If your team is matched to a free kit initiative, we'll ask you to apply to take part.

  • Choose a kit

    If your application is successful you'll be able to choose a free kit of your choice.

Why Gift of Kit?

Empowering grassroots sports

At Gift of Kit, we believe that grassroots teams are the backbone of communities. They are where children and adults learn the basics, develop their skills, and build a lifelong passion for sports. Gift of Kit is the only organisation with a sole focus on bringing investment into grassroots from big brands, in the form of sponsored kit, equipment and coaching.

Girls Deliveroo football team

Tackling the big issues

We work with our network of almost 60,000 grassroots teams to understand the issues facing grassroots and bring initiatives which provide real solutions to these problems – such as sponsored kit, equipment and coaching.

Sponsorship made simple

We make it easy for clubs of all sizes to connect with potential sponsors. Our free tools, guides and templates can help clubs to create a compelling club profile, reach out to businesses, and secure funding.

Do you want free kit?

Do you want to secure more sponsorship revenue?

Create your club’s profile for the chance to get matched to sponsored kit offers.

Why your club needs Gift of Kit

Sponsored kit & equipment

We partner with the big brands to support grassroots teams with sponsored match kit, training equipment and coaching qualifications. 

So far, we’ve provided over £4m of investment to 6000+ teams in the UK.


By joining Gift of Kit, your team has the chance to be matched to a support package.

Sponsorship tools

We recognise that your club may be struggling to secure funding for essential kit, equipment and facilities. Gift of Kit acts as your gateway to potential sponsors who share your passion for grassroots sports.


The partnerships formed through Gift of Kit are not just about short-term gains but building long-lasting relationships. We help you establish ties with businesses that align with your club’s vision, ensuring sustainable growth for the future.

The only grassroots sports organisation dedicated to providing sponsored kit, equipment and coaching.

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Get free funding for your club

Do you want free fundraising for your team? Gift of Kit have partnered up with easyfundraising to help our teams get access to free fundraising to help pay for kits, equipment, pitch fees and travel!


Free resources

We offer a range of free resources to help you secure sponsorship for your team, including sponsorship proposal samples and customisable partnership agreement templates, which clubs can use to craft professional and persuasive sponsorship proposals. We want to keep clubs in the loop about industry trends, best practices, and success stories, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the world of grassroots sponsorship.


What is Gift of Kit?

Gift of Kit is the connection between big brands and grassroots sport. 

We exist to support grassroots sport and bring investment to clubs. 

Gift of Kit works on the premise that brands want to create real and authentic connections with their target audience, and grassroots clubs want help with kit, equipment, coaching and funding. We provide a route for this exchange to happen.

To date we have delivered over £4m of sponsored kit to clubs on behalf of partners such as Sky Sports,  Just Eat, Starling Bank, Kia Motors and Deliveroo.

Every kit we have delivered into grassroots has been free of charge to the clubs. 

Which sports do we support?

We support grassroots clubs and teams across the major team sports played in the UK. 


We’ve gifted kit and equipment to over 6,000 teams across 28 sports.

The sports we support with each individual campaign depends on varying factors such as the objectives of our sponsorship partners and their target audience. Naturally the sports with the biggest participant numbers receive the most support.

The sports that have received the most investment from our initiatives are football, cricket and rugby.

Do we support both men’s and women’s teams?



Recently we’ve been levelling the playing field by adding extra support for the female game to help support the huge increase in new players and teams, however, since 2013 we have provided sponsored kits to over 4,000 men’s teams and there is plenty more to come!

How do we support clubs?

The main ways we support teams are through sponsored kit & equipment initiatives, and coaching qualifications.


We also help teams to secure sponsorship and funding with step-by-step sponsorship strategies, including free proposal templates. We also provide access to a free fundraising platform which can provide the average team with £600 per year of extra income.


We often arrange discounts and offers for services or products we believe benefit grassroots teams.

Can your team get a free kit?

We give sponsored kits in different ways, including sponsored kit initiatives with partners such as Starling Bank or Deliveroo, and regular competitions and giveaways through our social media channels.


  1. Sponsored kit initiatives
    1. Typically with a brand partner like Starling Bank or Deliveroo. We’ll invite clubs to apply  to take part, and if chosen, they’ll receive a sponsored kit.
  2. Competitions and giveaways
    1. In between our big sponsored kit initiatives we give teams the chance to win a free kit by entering competitions and giveaways, such as our regular giveaway with Squire Locks. 
  3. Charitable causes 
    1. Every year we will support a number of charitable causes or teams that are doing something extra special to help people through playing grassroot sport.
Do we support charity teams?

Yes, every year we support a number of charitable causes where grassroots sport is used as a mechanism to provide help and support to communities. 

Recently these have included kit and equipment for an autism awareness football programme and teams with a focus on mental health.

Can we help your team to get sponsored?

In addition to our kit initiatives we provide teams with the tools they need to secure sponsorship from local businesses. To date, we have helped over 1,200 teams secure sponsorship.

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The Just Eat 101

Just Eat 101 logo

Grassroots is the foundation of football in the UK. Just Eat wanted to help make that foundation even stronger.


With the whole world having watched the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, it’s only right that the grassroots game is given the chance to shine too.

So we used that momentous occasion to create 101 new women’s teams, providing them with everything they needed to start playing.

Need sponsorship?

Use our free sponsorship strategy and templates!

We used years of sports sponsorship experience to craft your free sponsorship strategy with step by step guide and templates to help you secure sponsorship for your club.


You can easily customise the templates to your club, just leaving to you follow the step by step guide to secure more sponsors.

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