Facilities Survey

Win £250 for your team!

We’re on a mission to enhance grassroots football by understanding it from the heart. We believe your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of the sport and creating the best environment for players, especially with the surge in female participation.

What is The Survey About?

Our survey focuses on facilities, and the issues and barriers grassroots teams face in accessing suitable training and match facilities for their players.

Why Participate?

Your participation in this survey will contribute to a larger understanding of access to facilities for grassroots football teams. The insights you provide are an important part of how we shape our strategy for supporting grassroots, and by sharing your experiences and knowledge, you’re not just helping us – you’re uplifting the entire grassroots football community.


You’ll also give your team a chance of a cash boost. We’ll randomly select a team to receive £250 towards their club running costs!