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Gift of Kit is the bridge between brands and grassroots sport.

So far, we have invested £4m into grassroots, connected brands to over 6,000 clubs.

Creating Purpose Driven Sponsorships

Through purpose-driven sponsorship initiatives, we leverage sponsored match kits, training kits, equipment, and coaching courses to drive brand awareness, PR, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and tangible business results.

Our services revolve around planning, creating, and delivering huge impact for brands, with little impact on their resources.

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Local, Regional and National

Gift of Kit is the bridge between businesses and grassroots sport. 

So far, we’ve created real consumer connections between businesses and over 6,000 teams.

The power of grassroots will produce incredible results for every size of business and we activate campaigns locally, regionally or nationally. 

Are you a small or medium business looking to access grassroots sport in your local community? We can help.

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Success Stories

From Starling Bank to Just Eat, we have helped brands create meaningful connections with their target audience, generate positive brand opinions, and achieve significant business benefits.


Explore how purpose-driven campaigns and legacy initiatives have transformed communities and made a lasting impact.

Brand Success Stories

Club Success Stories

"Gift of Kit are an indispensable partner in any grassroots initiative."
Alex Nixon
New Business Director, Dark Horses.

Let's change the game together.

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in grassroots sports? Contact us today to explore how Gift of Kit can help your brand connect with local sporting communities, drive brand engagement, and create a positive social legacy.


Together, let’s unleash the potential of grassroots sports and inspire a better world through purpose-driven sponsorships and marketing campaigns.